online competition


4 age groups

2 challenges

The Edu Robotics Cup 2023 competition has ended. Congratulations to everyone, it was a great competition
we hope You enjoyed it too!
Thank You to all the team members, coaches and judges for participating!

age groups

Rookie (only Engineer Challenge)
max. 10 years old 
(born in years: 2013 or later)

10-14 years old
(born in years between: 2009 – 2013) 

15-19 years old
(born in years between: 2004 – 2008) 

Masters (only Engineer Challenge)
min. 19 years old
(born in years: 2004 or earlier)

What is EDU Robotics CUP?


Edu Robotics Cup (ERC) was created by Edutus University in 2020. The idea came when only online events could be organized because of the COVID-19  pandemic. In these difficult times, it was important to encourage people to get involved with STEAM subjects and to be able to continue organizing robot building and programming competitions for those whose favorite activity is this. It was a great opportunity for both experienced and beginner competitors. After the successful 2020 season we decided to keep Edu Robotics Cup as a permanent part of the robotics competition calendar and to expand it internationally to have competitors from all around the world.

Why is it different?

ERC is a new, innovative online robot building and programming competition which is open for all age groups – unlike other competitions. It consists of an Engineer Challenge and a Project Challenge, both in English language. Challengesrequire competitors to show their creativity, building and programming skills. Anybody can participate in a team of 1-3 team members.


First you have to create an account at or if you already have one, you can just jump to step two and log in. Select the competition you want to enter from the list of available applications (after 15th october Edu Robotics Cup Engineer Challenge 2023 or Edu Robotics Cup Project Challenge 2023) and finish your application. If you chose Engineers Challenge you have to make sure to have the competition mat printed before the competition period starts (file for the official competition mat coming soon). If you applied for Project Challenge you can start working on your projectHope you will enjoy working on your robotics solution!

You asked…

⬅️ You can find the answers here.

Presentation about the general meeting ➡️

About the Challenge

Engineer Challenge is a category that focuses more on programming, but building is still a vital part of completing the tasks. For this category all competitors in the 4 age groups are welcome. After registration the competition participants will get access to the general rules of the category, a list of needed game objects and the official competition mat file. Teams then have to make sure to acquire the game objects and have the game mat printed before the competition period starts. We have chosen everyday items or easy to access objects, because we think these are either already part of an average household or competitors can get them easily and cheap. Exact tasks for each age group will be announced in the morning of the competition period’s first day and we will also share a detailed explanatory video made by our head judges. Teams will then have some days to program and calibrate their robots to complete the tasks during the competition period.

The competitiors are free to choose from these micro-controllers ( Lego Ev3, Lego Spike Prime. Lego Robot Inventor, Arduino, Microbit) and building platform. Don’t forget to upload your solution within the deadline!

The season’s theme is: sustainability.

The game mats and rules for each age group will be announced according to the season’s schedule!

Printable competition mats

Engineer Challenge game mats are printed by the teams. It is not possible to place an order with us.
For information on the size and material of the game board, please refer to the general rules (2.1, 2.3).

List of game objects

Game rules

(Available from 7:00 CET on 14th December)

Important dates
of Engineer challenge

15th October 2023 – 6th December 2023

14th – 17th December 2023

23:59:59 CET 17th December 2023

18th – 19th December 2023

20th December 2023

21th December 2023

Registration period

Competition period

Video upload deadline 


Possibility of team appeals

Online results announcement and closing ceremony


The Project Challenge is only available for two age groupsKids (10 – 14 years old) and Teens (15 – 19 years old). The official language of the competition is English. After registration teams can start working on their project within the theme that will be announced on October 15th. Their task is to create an innovative project that shows how programming and robotics can fit the theme from any perspective. Teams have to prepare a video presentation and a documentation of their project that includes the usage of at least one robotic (free choice of micro-controllers and building platforms) solution. Other than that, there is no restriction on materials used to present the project. The aim is to present the most innovative and creative solution to a problem. After submission of documentation judges will have a short online call with all teams to discuss the projects.

Important dates
of project challenge

15th October 2023 – 6th December 2023

23:59:59 CET 10th December

23:59:59 CET 14th December 2023

16th – 19th December 2023

21th December 2023

Registration period

Deadline to upload the first draft of written report

Video upload deadline 

Online interviews

Online results announcement and closing ceremony


Engineer Challenge​

  • VAT included

Project Challenge

  • VAT included

Mentor Challenge *

  • VAT included

Mentor Challenge is the combination of 1 Rookie/Kids/Teens team and 1 Masters team of which the coach from the underage team is a team member.
After the succesfull registration of both teams the coach should inform organizers that they pick the Mentor Challenge option!

Registration fee is to-be-payed upon the received invoice.

Registrations are accepted in the order of fully completed registrations, that also includes the payment of registration fee. 

how much does it cost to register?

  • Project Challenge registration fee:
    35 EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Engineer Challenge registration fee:
    35 EUR (incl. VAT)
  • Mentor Challenge registration fee:
    55 EUR (incl. VAT)

 Registration fee is to-be-payed upon the received invoice.

What equipment do I need to compete?

  • Teams have to make sure they have all the needed equipment to compete: robot, spare parts, laptop/tablet, software, cables, game mat, game objects etc

When are engineer and project challenge tasks released?

Engineer Challenge:
Exact tasks for each age group will be announced in the morning of the competition’s first day and we will also share a detailed explanatory video made by our head judges. Teams will then have some days to program and calibrate their robots to complete the tasks.

Project Challenge:
When the competition is announced competitors will get to know the theme of this category, the exact competition format and all the deadlines they need to meet with their innovative projects.

Can I apply to both categories?

Yes! If someone wants to compete in both categories, it’s possible to apply as member of max. one Engineer Challenge and max. one Project Challenge teams.*

* In case of applying as a member of two teams it is possible to have different team mates and different team name as well for the two categories (having the exact same team in both challenges is not a criteria nor is it forbidden).

I have a question...

If you have questions about registration and payment, send us an email to and ask our organizer team.

If you have questions about the competition (games and rules, registration system, uploading files), send us an email to and ask our head judges.

previous season

Engineer Challenge
age group game rules and videos

for reference

If you register your team to this competition season here are the rules of the previous ERC season. You can count on similar tasks but in a different game mat environment.